• Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your courses ?

Visit our tuition page for pricing and more information

Do you provide tax forms ( 1098 ) ?

AlliedRX Institute of Healthcare does not participate in the Federal Financial Student Aid Program and our institution does Not Issue 1098 -T forms.  A complete description on 1098T forms can be found here.
Eligible educational institutions file Form 1098-T for each student they enroll and for whom a reportable transaction is made.
An eligible educational institution is defined as a school offering higher education beyond high school. It is any college, university, trade school, or other post secondary educational institution that participates in a student financial aid program run by the U.S. Department of Education.

What are my payment plan options ?

AlliedRx Tuition Payment Option#1

  • A $125 Application Fee is due upon enrollment.

  • Break Up Payments

  • The remainder of the tuition to be paid (7) consecutive weeks starting the first day of class during the enrollment of the course

  • $100 Down Payment Due 1st Day of Class

  • (Phlebotomy, EKG and Billing Coding Program) – 14 Weekly Payments of $75

  • Pharmacy Tech Program- 14 Weekly Payments of – $53

  • CCMA- Clinical Medical Assistant Program Program- 18 Weekly Payments of $119

  • For Campus, Hybrid and Online Programs Nationwide

  • True Pay as you Learn Plan- Pay each course day you attend class.

To Enroll in the Payment Plan simply register for any program and select Payment Plan

Private Educational Loan Payment Plan  By Certificate – Program

(Student Accounts are Adjusted for Tuition Specials)

 AlliedRx Tuition Payment Option#2

  • If approved, our student loan partner will finance the full cost of Tuition based on market rate No Down Payment Required! Students that are not approved due to derogatory credit ratings will be able to choose option 1 to secure their enrollment in the program.

  • For Campus, Hybrid and Online Programs Nationwide

  • Start Now and make no payments until 3 months after graduation

  • Payments can be as low as $60.00 per month post-graduation, depending on your interest rate

  • No prepayment penalty

  • 3 Year Repayment Terms  & 5 Year Repayment Terms for Clinical Medical Assistant Program

  • Our student loan partner doesn’t just look at your credit score, and you receive credit based on your previous academic accomplishments. The combination of academic achievement with traditional credit scores to improve your loan terms and borrowing power.

  • Get assistance with our student loan partner with job search support services, if needed, through its Career Success Services

To Enroll with Option #2 simply register for any program and select an extended tuition payment option. Prospective Students will then receive an email to continue the application process. Approved students will receive their acceptance letter and enrollment documents. Students that are not approved for option #2 through our student loan partner can continue the enrollment process with option #1 in-house tuition financing. 

Ready to Enroll? Get Started Today. The Next Level of your Career Begins Today!

Are you certified ?

Yes we are and we are certified and approved by :

  • Certified and Approved by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia
  • Certified and Approved by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy
  • Certified and Approved by the Maryland Board of Pharmacy
  • Certified and Approved by the Indiana Board of Pharmacy
  • Certified and Approved by the National Health Career Association
  • Certified and Approved Educator Advocate National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

What if I paid my enrollment fee but I wasn't able to start ?

Application Fees are Non-Refundable but is valid for 90 days after you register.

If in the event you can not attend , please email or call us at your earliest convince so we can both come up with a solution for a upcoming semester.