"What is a Pharmacy Technician's Salary? How Much Do They Make?"

A pharmacy technician salary can vary depending on experience and location. Learn how much pharmacy technicians make and how to maximize your income.

A Pharmacy Technician's Salary: How Much Do They Make?

For those considering a career as a pharmacy technician, you may be wondering how much pharmacy technicians make. In short, pharmacy technicians can earn a good salary depending on the experience and qualifications they bring to the job. Let's take a closer look at what pharmacy technicians typically make and why it's such a great career choice.

What is a Pharmacy Technician?

Before we get into the specifics about salary, let's take a moment to define what a pharmacy technician is. In general, a pharmacy technician is a person who assists a registered pharmacist in dispensing medications, maintaining records, and providing customer service. This profession requires a knowledge of medical terminology, a familiarity with drug names, and attention to detail.

What Factors Affect a Pharmacy Technician's Salary?

Like most jobs, there are a variety of factors that can affect a pharmacy technician's salary. Here are some of the most common ones:

• Education and Training: Pharmacy technicians who have completed a formal training program and/or obtained certification may be able to command a higher salary.

• Years of Experience: Pharmacy technicians who have been in the field for several years may be able to earn a higher salary than those just starting out in the profession.

• Location: Different states and cities may offer different salaries due to cost of living or other factors.

• Type of Employer: Pharmacy technicians may have the opportunity to work in retail stores, hospitals, or other healthcare settings, and salaries may vary depending on the type of employer.

• Benefits: Many employers offer benefits packages, such as health and dental insurance, that may contribute to a higher salary.

How Much Do Pharmacy Technicians Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for pharmacy technicians was $32,700 in May 2019. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $23,690, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $48,120.

The highest-paying states for pharmacy technicians include Alaska, New York, Maine, and Massachusetts, with salaries ranging from $44,000 to $45,000.

Why Become a Pharmacy Technician?

Becoming a pharmacy technician can be a great career choice for those who are interested in the medical field but don't have the desire or funds to pursue a degree in pharmacy or a medical-related field. It is a great opportunity to get experience in the healthcare field and to help people.

Plus, pharmacy technicians often enjoy competitive salaries and the opportunity to advance in their careers. With the right experience and qualifications, pharmacy technicians may be able to move into roles such as a pharmacy manager or supervisor.

Final Thoughts

For those considering a career as a pharmacy technician, you may now have a better understanding of how much they make and the factors that can affect their salary. Pharmacy technicians can earn a good salary and enjoy a variety of benefits. Plus, it is a great opportunity to get experience in the healthcare field and to help people.

If you think you have the skills and passion for the job, then becoming a pharmacy technician may be the perfect career choice for you.