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Who we are

With more than 140 orthopedic specialists in over 35 locations in Lynchburg, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Southwest Virginia, and Hampton Roads, OrthoVirginia is the state’s largest provider of orthopedic medicine and therapy. Our integrated offices include on-site therapy, surgery centers, and advanced imagery.

Meet our Leadership

What we stand for

As an independent practice, our physicians are invested in providing comprehensive care to patients in our communities. We support community organizations with financial and medical assistance, and each office looks for tangible opportunities to build the wellness of people living in our cities and neighborhoods.

Together Strong

Mission: OrthoVirginia champions healthy, vibrant, active communities. One person at a time.

Vision: OrthoVirginia will set the standard of excellence for patient-centered, high-quality care.

Values: Compassion, Excellence, Unity

Our History

  • Early-mid 1900s West End Orthopaedics was founded in Richmond

  • 1994 Commonwealth Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation, P.C., was established with the merger of a four-physician group in Herndon and a four-physician group in Reston.

  • 2005 The three orthopedic offices in Lyncburg—Piedmonth Orthopaedics, Blue Ridge Orthopaedics and Central Virginia Orthopaedics—merged in 2005 to become The Orthopaedic Cener of Central Virginia (OCCVA)

  • 2008 First Ortho On Call opened in Richmond on Busy Street, affiliated with Advanced Orthopaedics

  • 2011 West End Orthopaedic Center changes its name to OrthoVirginia

  • 2013 Opened the Herndon outpatient surgery center

  • 2015 Commonwealth Orthopaedics merged with OrthoVirginia, establishing OrthoVirginia in both Richmond and Northern Virginia

  • 2016 The Orthopaedic Center of Central Virginia merged with OrthoVirginia, establishing OrthoVirginia in Lynchburg as well as Richmond and Northern Virginia

  • 2016 Advanced Orthopaedics merged with OrthoVirginia

  • 2019 Virginia Institute for Sports Medicine merged with OrthoVirginia, establishing OrthoVirginia in Hampton Roads as well as Richmond, Northern Virginia and Lynchburg

  • 2021 Optimal Physical Therapy merged with OrthoVirginia

  • 2021 Arlington Musculoskeletal Center merged with OrthoVirginia

  • 2021 Sideline Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine merged with OrthoVirginia, establishing OrthoVirginia in Southwest Virginia as well as Richmond, Northern Virginia, Lynchburg and Hampton Roads

  • 2022 OrthoVirginia became the Official Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Partner of the Washington Commanders

  • 2023 Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists merges with OrthoVirginia