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March 23rd Virtual Led Medical Billing and Coding  Program

March 23rd Virtual Led Medical Billing and Coding Program

Weekend Class Available (9:00am-10:30am) Virtual Led Sessions, this 14-week program is tailored for those looking to become Certified Medical Billing and Coding Specialist.

$ 975.00 USD
March 23rd  EKG Technician Online Program (Instructor Led )

March 23rd EKG Technician Online Program (Instructor Led )

Weekend Virtual Class Available ( 11:30am-1:30pm. Virtual Instructor Led Classes Sessions, this 10-week program is tailored for those looking to become Certified EKG Technicians. Virtual Live Classes Sessions Held Online

Pharmacy Technician Online Program

Pharmacy Technician Online Program

Fully Immersive Pharmacy Technician Online Program. Engage in practical learning to become a Pharmacy Technician in the United States. Learn Prescriptions to IV Flow Rates and Compounding and more.

$ 1,350.00 USD
Medical Billing and Coding Online Program

Medical Billing and Coding Online Program

Gain knowledge and board certification learning healthcare billing, focusing on the foundational coding systems.

$ 975.00 USD
Electrocardiogram (EKG) Tech Online Program

Electrocardiogram (EKG) Tech Online Program

Study the basics of cardiac monitoring, gaining knowledge about heart rhythms and their significance through online conte

$ 975.00 USD
Clinical Medical Assistant Online Program

Clinical Medical Assistant Online Program

Understand the clinical role of medical assistants, emphasizing patient care and clinical procedures in an online format. (100% Medical Assistant -CCMA Certification Online Program)

$ 975.00 USD
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Online Program

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Online Program

Explore the administrative aspects of healthcare, emphasizing office procedures, patient management.

$ 975.00 USD
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Patient Cases

Practice Makes Perfect: Engage with simulations that mirror real-life situations. Learn and practice, all without the fear of making mistakes.

Constructive Feedback: After each simulation, receive insights on what you aced and where you can improve.

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Our guiding principles emphasize continuous growth in academics, student development, and educational planning.
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Fostering a positive learning environment that promotes student achievement.

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Embracing learning amongst our students and staff in the area of healthcare services.

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Offering innovative technology, supplies, and tools to facilitate theoretical learning and hands-on lab activities.

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Creating developmental goals for our students, enabling them to succeed in their chosen healthcare career path.

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"At AlliedRx, I found more than just a course; I discovered a community. The online modules are so user-friendly, and the support from instructors is unparalleled. It's clear that AlliedRx is dedicated to our success, providing the tools and resources we need. It's been a game-changer for my medical career!"

"AlliedRx has transformed my learning experience. The depth of content, combined with the convenience of online access, is unmatched. The supportive community and responsive instructors have made my journey smooth and enjoyable. I can't recommend AlliedRx enough for anyone looking to excel in the medical field!"

"Choosing AlliedRx was one of the best decisions I've made. Their online courses are comprehensive yet flexible, allowing me to balance my studies with personal commitments. The real-world insights and interactive modules truly set them apart. I feel confident and prepared for my future in healthcare!"